day 53, June 14th, 24 miles

Today I have to cross much snow, the trail is well covered and one time I don’t find it at all. With a bearing I finally find it again and I am pretty relieved to be on the trail again- to know for sure where I am. Nobody wants to get lost out here.

I have to do as many miles as possible today because tomorrow is Mt. Whitney Day, that is I’d like to summit it.

The avarage altitude today is over 11000ft and around 6 p.m. I am tired. I know I won’t make the remaining 6.7 miles to Crab Tree Ranger Station, western „base camp“ for the sumiting of Whitney, but I’d like to hike on for 2 more miles to Guyot Camp.

I meet day hikers who tell me they turned around because there is too much snow, so they will summit some other time.

I also meet Bam Bam and nameless who are already camped and plan to summit in two days. Bam Bam takes my picture as I try out my ford shoes the first time in a river that flows strongly and reaches my behind.

Refreshed and cleaner I make the steep 2 miles to camp. 2 Shoes and Win sleep already when I get there. Will they summit tomorrow?

I set my alarm for 4 a.m., I have to get to Crab Tree Ranger Station as soon as possible if I want to have a real chance for the summit.

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