day 49, June 10th

Alone still, 20 miles to Kennedy Meadows

Oh boy, I did feel yesterday’s 30 miles. And right in the morning there was a climb of a couple of hundred feet which costed me more strength compared to yesterday where I just flew up.

Anyway the trail first went through young pine tree forrests than through a burnt area where the trail contoured a million (it appeared to me) of hills before descending into a flat, grassy and sandy basin adorned with huge rounded white-yellowish rocks. I took a couple of pictures. Oh, by the way I had a first glimpse on the snowy Sierra Mounains!

So after the basin the trail turned and let along the Kern River, a fast flowing, strong current river and I thought oh boy, if that’s what the rivers will be like that we have to ford I’d better be very careful.

So I arrive at Kennedy Meadows and it does stretch out and I don’t see any sign of the campground. I keep going and going all in anticipation of seeing Carsten/ Sauerkraut again and there is Shawn on the trail shooting with his camera! Now this is timing! It turns out he is waiting for hikers and he doesn’t know about Carsten’s back problems. He doesn’t know where the campground is either so after we talk a bit I keep going.

To cut a long story short I kept walking for three more miles in order to learn that everybody gathers at the store! Luckily I got a ride back. Rita and the Swiss couple were just about to hike out and we were happy to see each other again after such a long time and we talked for a while. And then Popscicle just came and we hugged. We had not seen him since before Idyllwild where he had had shints splint. Ever since then he had been trying to catch up with us and he missed us at the Saufleys just about only half a day!

Then Shawn/ Shooter and his friend came to the store and maybe 5 min. later Meadow Mary pulled up and I rushed to wellcome Carsten!! I was so happy to be with him again :-))

Happy reunion with Carsten and fellow hikers.

The KM General Store has a nice wooden veranda where everybody gathers, eats, chats or repackages his/ her bag because this is the place where you take the iceaxe, crampons, etc. if you have mailed these items to yourself.

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