day 42 to day 47, June 4th to June 8th

The last 5 days we didn’t hike at all but stayed at Dr.Mensink’s home to make sure I can get enough rest to make my back feel better.

Fortunately it does and we are giving it a try today in the afternoon. For my safety and his own personal joy Dr.Mensink will join us on the trail from Walker Pass up to Kennedy Meadows.

We hope to be in KM on Sunday in time to get the shuttle to Grumpy Bear and are looking forward to see many hikers again.

Even though I really needed the time to relax my body and feel better, staying off-trail for so long doesn’t feel right and there is a surge pushing you on everyday.

But today we will be back 🙂


Hours later… on day 47, June 8th

Well, only after 1,5 hours on the trail Carsten was again in such pain that we thought it best to return to the road where there is a campsite. The hospital is rather close so better be stuck here than in the middle of nowhere on the trail.

It was a tough situation because both of us we had been so happy to be on the trail again! But this time Carsten even experienced a tingling sensation in his foot and we didn’t want to maybe provoke a disk problem.

So at the campsite we met many hikers and among them the very famous Billy Goat (5th or 6th time on trail), his wife Meadow Mary, a massage therapist and now you better sit down… Scott Williamson!! The guy who already yoyoed the PCT in 2004 (Mexico-Canada-Mexico) after a couple of attempts and who wants to do it again this year. He is such a humble and friendly person. We surely did enjoy meeting him (he usually doesn’t stop long or talks to people because he has to do his milage but here he stayed for two hours).

Meadow Mary massaged Carsten and gave him some vitamins to take. I think Carsten has reached a point where he’d try almost anything. Until lately I assume he would have stayed with more conservative therapies.

Understandably he was very concerned that he might get off the trail, especially if a disk jumped out. So after pondering the options I sugested that he hitches to towns and hangs out with the hiker crowd until he is in better shape and that I keep hiking, that we meet up in the towns of course and hope for a fast recovery.

That is what we’ll do now. He will take a ride to Kennedy Meadows with Meadow Mary and I will hike to KM. So I will unload anything I don’t need and Carsten will have some more rest. Then we’ll discuss strategies again. I hope so much that he will be without pain so we can hike together.

In two days we will have full moon but already now it shines very brightly.

Good night

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