day 48, June 9th

Alone, 30 miles

This morning we split up the food, then I left everything else I didn’t need (like the battery charger) and left reluctantly at 7 a.m. Somehow I didn’t want to leave without Carsten and it was not easy to say good bye!

I had 50 miles to hike and the idea was to arrive in KM after 2,5 days. But I felt so strong after six days of not hiking and so happy to be on the trail that I just kept going!

I did not fetch water at Joshua Tree Spring because of that aggressive bear that is supposed to roam in that area plus I didn’t want to walk those extra 0.5 miles off trail. So I kept going to the next spring four more miles but I arrived pretty much exhausted on my last drop of water and in dire need of an extended break.

So after that lunch break as I felt restored again and as I had walked 17 miles already I thought, OK let’s see how much further I can get. I passed Puff-Puff, Snappy and Flow-Easy who we met on our way back to Walker Pass Campground.

The landscape turned from arid to more alpine and rocky and I truely enjoyed it! Saw a baby racer snake that startled me with its fast moving away. Then I walked through pine tree forrests along a ridge for a long time, on one saddle the wind blew me off the trail – I litterely lent against it. On the whole stretch I also had some big elevation, the trail went over two mountain ranges.

At five p.m. my body told me to get a rest and it was very tempting to set up camp. But I wanted to make the most of the daylight and hike until 7 p.m. Besides I kept thinking what I hike today I won’t have to do tomorrow and I will be faster in Kennedy Meadows and surprise Carsten.

The 30 miles, my first time by the way, did hurt my feet, otherwise I felt OK.

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