day 40 – June 2nd – 18 miles

Today we made it up to Willow Spring Road which is kind of a bummer. On one hand we could have gone much further under normal circumstances and on the other hand the water here is 1.8 miles off-trail (single way).

As my condition (yeah! Sauerkraut is writing today’s journal) didn’t change at all, Alina volunteered to get water.

My back is still bad and taking Iboprofene over a longer period seems to upset my stomach 🙁

Anyway, back to the good things in life. The scenery changed in comparison to yesterday. No trees anymore but wide rolling mountains with chapparal and Joshua trees.

We are going to sleep right on a multi-vehicle-trail because it is flat and at least a little bit wind-shaded. Today’s dinner consists of 2 packages Idahoan Mashed Potatoes (I forgot which flavour) that we will spice up whith fresh garlic, yummy!

That’s all for today from Sauerkraut as I’m quite sure that Alina wants to add something when she is back.

Alina: Yesterday and today I felt just great and strong and it was frustrating that Carsten didn’t and that there is nothing that can ease his pain (not even the pain killer).

Otherwise I’ve seen rattler #9. It did not move away as I approached – so much for vibrations… Only when I banged my poles onto the trail it went to the side. It was a small one that’s why I dared.

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