day 39, June 1st

Carsten’s bad day, 18 miles

Additional to his back pain that makes sleep so difficult, Carsten has felt nauseous today. He couldn’t eat right so he basically has dragged himself over the trail. Every hour we have taken a break since the heat and the ascents were using up all his energy in this 16 mile waterless stretch. At lunchtime we stopped for 2,5 hours where he could catch up some sleep.

At the spring I used the opportunity and washed myself and some laundry. It is amazing how filthy you get out here and how well I feel after a wash – of course without any soap. We don’t carry any anymore, as we get to take a shower usually only in trail towns. Oh, at the spring a small herd of cattle came along to drink from the water (that was not surrounded by barbwire). So they were spycing up our break. There was a bull with them, but I’m sure that Inaki, as a true Spaniard, would have dealt with him in case he had become agressive.

The trail changed from bushy chaparral to pine tree forrest. As we are camping on pine needles surrounded by pine trees I ask myself if his pain will stop now. It started over one week ago at a similar campite. Probably just wishfull thinking.

The trail tread has been very mercyfull on my feet today, they don’t hurt as so many times before. But the cushioning of my shoes is almost gone so I am looking forward to changing shoes in Kennedy Meadows.

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