day 28, May 21st

At the Saufleys, Zero Day  :-) 

Wake up, have breakfast (Carsten joined a bunch of hikers for a ride to the local cafe), talk to hikers, take a shower, meet Donna who had done our and other hikers' laundry, talk more to hikers, pick items to send home - to again lighten up the pack - look at the hiker boxES and then think about the resupply and then this incredible thing happened!!

Alice and Randall called the Saufleys, Donna seems to know Randall from TrailDays and from his lectures there or at the Sierra Club. They asked for us. So here we are talking when they asked if the package arrived! What package?! So it turns out that they sent us a package with FedEx and is was supposed to arrive yesterday!! But it didn't. Surprise!! WOW!

And then this happens. Carsten and I are waiting next to the car in front of the REI when this employee comes out and asks Carsten if he is Carsten because there's someone on the phone for him. It was Alice who tracked us down to let us know that the package was delivered after their inquieries with FedEx. Isn't that incredible?

So there we go, open up the package as we arrive back and you won't believe it! Alice and Randall left ME speachless (they had already told Carsten about the contents). There was my favourite REI cowboyhat (I had tried it on in San Diego than in Orange County with Alice-that's how she knew- but did not buy it because I still had my visor and intended to get it in Saettle), Snickers bars for Carsten but like 3 packages (!) and some sticks against mosquito bites and for itch relief. And I couldn't thank them right away because we can't find that card with the mobile phone number. What a bummer! I'll keep trying their home number.

Ever since the package arrived I proudly walk with my hat on :-) and I do love it. Too bad you can't see it.

Alice and Randall I don't know how to thank you enough! You have to visit with us in Germany and we'll treat you!! And I know you will actually come.

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