day 26 – 19th may


We are pretty much getting used to big mile days. Something like 26 today and still a couple of miles short of Aqua Dulce.

Poor Sauerkraut's feet just wouldn't move anymore. So we camp up on the ridge overlooking the valley we came from and the freeway we are going to go under tomorrow on our way to pancakes and coffee...I mean Aqua Dulce.

Aqua Dulce is a must for every hiker as the Saufleys offer their home and multiple other services to hikers free of charge. Their hospitality is legendary and it is an important place for hikers to get a clue about resupply-strategies for the sierras.

We will stay there for 2 days and rest.

Back to the things that happened today. Looking at the Data-book it promised to be an easy hiking day but it wasn't. Even though the gradients for todays section looked harmless, all the little ups and downs just took a lot of fuel out of our tanks. Besides we were followed by gnats for a long time and had to wear headnets as they were just getting on our nerves.

But hey..we did a marathon with packs on our backs. Something to be happy about :-)

Sauerkraut and Alina

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