day 25, May 18th

Cloudburt Summit to Road 4N24, 26,8 miles

Nothing really eventful happened today.

On a campground we ran into Dr. Tart and again Giddy-up who had left our campsite earlier. And we kept meeting them again so we chatted and laughed, discussed water tactics (we are a couple of miles into a 14 miles long waterless stretch so we loaded double than usual), etc.

The trail had been rather easy for the first 20 miles although the sun didn't give us a break. The last few miles generally uphill and the unnerving little flies made it more work. They stubbornly aimed for the eyes, the nose or the mouth. My tactic was to clapp my hands in front of my face (Carsten once said Ole), then I would have a break for a few seconds. Carsten would walk without poles and he would wave. My headnet was burried deep down in my bag...

We have just pitched the tent and stay inside because of all the bugs. And this is not yet the Sierra...

Otherwise we wonder about some error in the map but we know where we are.

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