day 23, May 16th

Wrightwood/ Acorn Trail to Jackson Flat Campground, 2 miles off trail and 8 miles on the PCT

We were treated again to a delicious pancake organic style breakfast because we had confessed to love pancakes. Yummy.

And then we had to say good bye to the convenient life and Alice drove us back to Wrightwood.

We are looking forward to meeting them again probably on the trail in about 10 or so days because Randall plans to ascend a mountain nearby.

Our packs full with all the delicious resupply-maybe a little bit more than we actually need- we dragged ourselves up the trail. I had the feeling to be so super tired. Although after the ascent the trail was rather easy I felt like a sleepwalker. Two bars later we resumed the hike. After lunch I took a nap while Carsten wrote emails so afterwards I felt a little better but we decided to camp earlier than usual and get some sleep (Carsten is in dreamland right now and it is 6 p.m.).

Oh this morning I finished Carsten's haircut. I am thankful for his trust in me, especially since it is the fist time I did it with a pair of scissors. The greatest part I worked with the pocket knife's scissors. He doesn't have to hide by the way.

Mt. Baden-Powell has to wait until tomorrow.

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