day 21, May 14th

Ridge after I 15 to Wrightwood, 18,6 miles plus 4,5 Acorn Trail down to Wrightwood

We had another very scenic campsite and in spite of the full moon no hikers passed us last night.

Today was a long day with about 5000ft ascent. We had to carry all the water with us and did I say that our feet were killing us?

Here in Wrightwood, a neat little town, we went straight to the supermarket where I indulged in fruit and yoghurt and yes, diet Coke. Carsten keeps telling me that you loose weight on the trail so I needn't buy diet soda but I'd rather not drink buckets of sugar (besides I have not yet noticed any weightloosing yet).

So, well fed sort of we wait for Alicia and Randall, the couple who we shared the campsite at the Kick Off with and who invited us to spend a zero day at their house. We are looking forward to that!

Too bad we still don't receive any of your mails so we can't use the time to answer them. We also are very curious what's going on outside of the "PCT World".

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