day 20, May 13th

Silverwood Lake Dam to Ridge after I15, 22,1 miles

Thirst and abundance or McDonald’s Day

Last night first I woke up because a group of known hikers passed us at 2a.m. (!) and afterwards because I heard boulders rolling down from the dam- how scary. Today we have full moon so every night the last nights it seemed that someone had forgotten to switch the light off.

Until we got to the Silverwood Lake Recreation Area, which has a poorly stocked shop but a shop nontheless we did not have much water left so the last miles we went thirsty and got a little edgy. You go around every bend of the lake, and there are plenty and then there are 1.7 offtrail miles to go in. In the end we arrived, bought soda, a snack and sent off our mails.

We still don’t receive any which is very strange. Carsten has contacted pocketmail’s customer service so hopefully there will be a solution soon.

Another highlight of the day were the Golden Arches as we mockingly call McDonald’s in Germany. Yes indeed where the trail meets the Interstte 15 there is a restaurant. What I had wished for all day was orange juice and they even had a fruit salad-what a luxury! Carsten had some burger twice so he ate a total of one pound of meat-his treat.

The sun has set already, we are camped on a ridge on the trail again because it got late but it is all right.

PS: Last night we slept right under the star formation we call The Big Wagon.

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