day 9, 2nd of May

Last Valley Springs to a little further down the Coyote Canyon, 20 miles

Today we decided to carry 6 liters of water because the cashe could not be relied upon. So better not take chances and run a risk. But my hips were not happy about it…

Shawn interviewed us one last time today. He probably will meet up with us further north, in Oregon or Washington.

We went through an amazing landscape, big whitish boulders surrounded by bright sand and burnt trees. I especilly liked the boulders. From the highest elevation we could see the snowcovered peaks of San Jacinto and San Gorgonio, a fantastic sight!

The day today could be described as very hot again. We were so happy as we at long last arrived at Tule Spring where there is a spigot AND a hose hanging from a tree to take a shower! Isn’t it amazing? Well we didn’t take one because there are plenty of other hikers coming this way, but we did wash and refresh ourselves. As we were dozing with full bellies, Posicle (former Spunky Peanut Butter) and Giddy-up arrived and a little later, Rita, Roy and Alice and Paul, whole hipbelt-buckle had broken. So now he has to carry the weight of his pack on his shoulders all the way to Idylwild.

We all agreed to meet tomorrow at Paradise Cafe, where they serve a gigantic burger. Who would say no to such a thing especially after hiking so many miles?! Hiking out from the spring we saw Puff-Puff and Snappy and they will come, too. So the restaurant’d better be open!

Tonight we dare not to pitch our tarp, but let’s wait and see what the moskitos will do about us. Oh, by the way, there is a humming bird here. It is a pleasure to watch it.

Not far away Puff-Puff and Snappy are camped just as Roy and Alice and Paul.

It is only 7.45 p.m. but we are ready to go to bed.

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