day 5, 30th of April

Scissors Crossing to Barrel Springs, 22,8 miles

Alicia and Randall, section hilers this year and our campsite neighbours at the Kick Off, were very friendly in giving us a ride to the trailhead this morning.

We started later than usual today at 8.30 a.m. and is was a very hot day. We used the umbrellas again which were a great relief in the intense sun. All the way to the third gate, where there is a water cache, there is no shade, so we went all the way without stopping.

It was such a relief so see the cache because it meant a longer break. We found a shady spot, cooked and oh yes, we took a nap.

The second part to Barrel Springs, 2 miles shorter than the first seemed to be endless. After every gully, there came another one and then another one and so on.

I am very tired and I think Carsten, too. The sun has for sure played a major role in that.

Oh, before I finish for tonight, on today’s stretch we enjoyed some wonderful views 🙂

Good night.

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