day 8, 01st of May Barrel Springs to Lost Valley Spring, 19,1 miles

This night I was woken up by a scary situation. Carsten was already up and I heard something like „First Aid Kit“ which woke me up fully . Carsten had heard a car crash very close by and a woman scream. So all five of us who were camping at Barrel Springs got up hurriedely and ran down to the dirt road, close to the highway.

There we saw a totally crashed car. After calling out loud a guy emerged and told us that he had pulled a tyre. He luckily managed to come to a stpo and he and his girlfriend were not badly hurt just shaken. The girl first stayed back in the dark and my firt fear was that a woman was being molested here. But then she came out of the dark and told us that she was ok. As they told us that they had called somebody and that they were livng closeby all five of us returned relieved to our sleepingbags. Oh boy!

That’s how the day began.

In the morning we started early and passed through beautiful flatland/ valleys before we reached Eagle Rock -a rock amazingly shaped like an eagle with wide spread wings. Again a very beautiful spot on the trail.

In Warner Springs, a place famous for its hot springs, we picked up our first resupply package! So much food, so much to carry again. It turned out that in the end it didn’t weigh as much as we had feared. We put something into the hikerbox, Carsten for example his flip-flops, and some excess food and we also sent a small parcel back home. I got rid of a shirt, a pot and Carsten of his pair of shorts. He hikes now in a sort of wind pants.

Giddy-up received a couple of priority mail packages and he seems to have bounced them ahead. He was such a funny sight as he came out of the PO his arms loaded with packages. He coudn’t have been so hungry 😉

In WS Shawn meets up with us. He and Lisa approched us on the Kick Off with their project of a documentary of PCT hikers. They gave Carsten a handheld little Canon to film each other during our hike. Carsten recorded that crashed car by the way.

So Shawn or Shooter came with us all the way today filming us hiking and during we did those campchores. And he interviewed us separately. At the KO’s last night we were interviewed together, but I haven’t come around yet to write something about the Kick Off.

One more thing before I finally go to bed because I am tired. We had our lunch break at a sunny, sandy river shore where we met a young couple of hikers who already did the AT, Puff-Puff and Snappy. They are 22 and 23.

Good night everybody.

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