day 10, 3rd of May

Coyote Canyon to Live Oak Spring, 20 miles

So far every day is very eventful and there is lots to write about, so no mercy on me, can’t go to bed just yet.

We, a couple of hikers, had decided to meet up at the Pines to Palms Highway at the Paradise Cafe for those famous burgers. So there we went. But easily said than done. The trail kept going up and down all in rather soft sand which sort of wasted energy. I had the impression that that stretch would never end, the highwy never come. Thankfully eventually it turned right and down to the road there which I had not seen. Bruce, definately a trail angel, waited there for thirsty hikers with lots of gatorade bottles in two big coolers. Wow!! He was still standing there when we came back from the restaurant, can you imagine? Thank you VERY much!

At the cafe there was a bunch of people already and as we walked in they received their gigantic burgers. Until we got ours I could take some pictures of some very hungry hikers. As the time went on more hikers arrived equally happy to have made it. Eating, chatting, discussing gear and hitching versus hiking strategy for Idylwild time just flew by so we decided to get moving.

Carsten and I had had our discussions about Idylwild because I am not so happy about hiking 9 extra miles. But then I decided to give it a go and go very light through the Devil’s Slide instead of packed with a 5 days‘ worth of food.

Oh, I am very much looking forward to doing laundy in Idylwild and to eating tons of fruit there.

But I obviously drift off in my thoughts. I can’t barely see any more since I am too lazy to get my head lamp.

We passed through a fantastic landscape of granite rocks, where we climbed/ bouldered one with the help of the Swiss guy. Coming down is the more difficult part though. Anyway we took pictures of one another, Giddy-Up was in the party. We met him again down at the Live Oak Spring to which one chewing gum like mile led. Now we camp here and I should go to bed. Tomorow will probably be a challanging day with a 9.0 gradient.

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