June 15th

Stuck in Basecamp

The last couple of days I felt like one of those expedition manangers that lost contact with its expedition team.

On June 12th Alina headed off into the Sierras to see what the snow is like and to climb Mt.Whitney. It was hard for us to get separated again and this time for an even longer time.

But I think it was a good decision as I’m still far away from back to normal and Alina just got into thru-hiking-shape letting other hikers jaws drop as they saw her run towards Kennedy Meadows the other day.

I’m headed for Independence by car soon as I expect Alina to be there on Sunday or Monday. Thanks to Alice and Randall at this point who are supporting us from Tustin, O.C. in every way they can. This time they made sure that once we are both in Independence we have a place to stay at one of their friends places who own a hotel there. Awesome treat for us, especially after having being separated for a while.

That’s all for today but I’m quite sure there is more to come in the upcoming days.


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