day 35, May 28th

Aquaeduct day, 20 miles

Today we started later than usual. But it took a while until we hikers got ready, had breakfast (Bob, the caretaker even cooked coffee and offered us hardboiled eggs from his for sure very happy free living chicken), packed, called home, the audio blogger (so you can hear our voices), took group pictures and then some more with our packs on. It felt so late but it was only 8.40 a.m.

Today’s section would have been one of the hottest but we were spared this experience so we carried just a normal amount of water. We were led along the Los Angeles Aqueduct which takes water to this big city. For about 16 miles the trail was flat, broad and we had excellent views. Joshua Trees grow in big amounts in this area, they look like huge cactus with many hairy arms.

This trail section was perect to hike in a group because we could all walk next to each other so Ladybug, Heike, Rolling Thunder and I were almost always engaged in a conversation.

At lunchtime Heike noticed that she had forgotten her alcohol bladder. Oh boy what to do? So Carsten sugested that she simply try to hitch a ride with one of the motor cross bike riders. And guess what she got a ride!
Before she left she was asked to please bring along Coke. And as she returned we all cheered and happily drank the soda.

Carrsten’s back is doing better but when it comes to lying down and sleeping he is in pain. Not good.

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