day 34, May 27th

Hikertown, 18 miles

We woke up this morning to very unwellcoming temperatures considering that we are in the desert. 0’C, and then the still strong wind gusts didn’t want us to leave our sleeping bags. Carsten didn’t sleep much anyway, couldn’t find any position that didn’t hurt.

We had hail and we were cold, can you imagine? Now that we are at „Hikertown“, another place where hikers can take a refuge, temperatures are still freezing. At least we won’t have to cary much water.

Here we are at Hikertown now with many others, watching movies non stop and having a good time.

Carsten could rest a little more. Monday is Memorial Day and all stores will be closed so there was no reason to put in more miles today, especially since Hikertown was so convinientely right on the trail.

Don’t know when we can go to bed since everybody is still up and talking and since we are crammed in two small rooms. Oh, Carsten managed to fall asleep in spite of the high volume of the TV.

Good night

Oh, PS:
Dr. Tart had a mountain lion encounter yesterday. We all knew they are there, but to actually see one…they are no little cats who like to play.

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