day 31, May 24th

Andersons day

Carsten’s back pain this morning was even worse in spite of another Ibuprofen and 2 Aspirin. Still I had to convince him to return and to call the Andersons. Yeah, right, walk in pain I was telling him. He couldn’t sit, he still can’t. He HAS to see a doctor.

So Joe and Terry picked us up and here we are at Casa de Luna. Terry said we did it the hard way…we could have actually easily stopped at their house but we wanted to do miles. As you see we were meant to come here.

Terry and Joe really are fun and they have three big dogs 🙂 Terry has many talents, she has just cut Heike’s hair who decided to stay one more day.

We’ll soon leave for the city, Joe’s errands, lunch and the doctor.

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