day 30, May 23rd

Ridge to close to road 7N01, 24 miles

One full month!

As I started the mail I realized that we completed our first month on the trail! Wow, time flies.

The trail lead us today around many green hills . One highlight was the Anderson’s Oasis cache where they have a cooler with beer and soda, a couple of comfortable chairs, a pink flamingo (you’ve made it to the oasis) and a skeletton (sorry, you’re out of luck). (my interpretations)

Carsten’s back is hurting him pretty bad. He’ll take one Vit. I (= Ibuprofen), ours have a high dosis and I hope the muscles will relax until tomorrow.

I had a very strange pain in my operated knee today, only for a short stretch and only when walking downhill, it felt as when the hoses are being pulled out after the operation. I’m so happy it went away after a break.

Oh, this morning we ran into Giddy-up again, who had left yeastrday about 2 hours ahead of us. It is already the third time that he gets out of a car right when we show up at the road, it was funny.

While I write our journal we lay on a soft layer of pine needles obviously under pine trees and the sun sets slowly. I think today we won’t have any problems with condensation (this morning the tarp and the sleeping bags were soaked).

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