day 22, May 15th

Zero day in Tustin, Orange County (OC)

PS: Yesterday we hiked across and along the St. Andreas' Fault!! Didn't feel the earth quake though.

Last night after a looks-changing shower Alice and Randall took us out for dinner. After the very delicious main meal they treated us to a "Mother's Load" which is a complete, a huge (I don't exegerate) chocolate cake with chocolate fuge and nuts in top. I loved it! We could not finish it of course so the rest was taken home in a box.

But the real zero day was on Monday. Delicious breakfast with ocean view and then we resupplied. Alice took us to two different organic supermarkets or health food stores. The choice was overwhelming and of course excellent and there I found for the first time really good honey. Hmmm :-) I also stocked up on protein bars to make sure I'll be fine.

Then we passed REI twice, this is a store where both of us can spend much time in :-)

Then again a delicious lunch and after that we headed home. Time was flying!! We solved the pocketmail problem and after Randall returned home he showed us the slides from his Everest expedition in '92 with Rob Hall. Wow! He is a serious mountaineer.

After the very delicious dinner and more mountaineering, bear and mountain lion stories we watched Squatch's DVD "Walking". "Still walkking" we had watched the night before. Both are about the PCT and its hikers, very funny and inspiring. Very recommendable. Hope to meet Squatch again.

So both nights we went to bed very late in hiker terms but Alice and Randall really spoiled us in every way. THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE IT!

And we learned some entertaining things about the stereotype OC blonde with certain plastic jobs.

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