day 18, May 11th

Van Dysen Road to Bridge, 23,1 miles

Cold and hot and long

This morning as we got up we couldn’t have had more than 0’C because there was an ice layer on our sleeping bags. So getting up and dressed needs much persuasion.

After the first 10 miles through pine forrest we reached a camp where we cooked an early lunch because we were so hungry. I could have eaten the entire pot alone. Carsten must have had the same feeling so we had three more tortillas and cookies.
After we got onto the trail again which led us through a sandy pine forrest (sand is just so energy consuming) the heat had taken on plus the blood must have circulated mainly in our digestive systems-so we sort of draged on. We could have lain right on the trail and be asleep in a second…

But we sort of agreed to meet at a bridge with the same group that we had camped with and that bridge was still 13 miles away. So no sleeping on the trail. After an exposed stretch in a rocky area, baking hot, the river flowing next to us but out of reach we hoped for the next spot with water. And there it was around the corner. Three hikers were already enjoying the shade and we joined them. Puh!! I solidified my almond Snickers in the water before I ate it…

While trying to ford the Holcomb River from rock to rock I slid out and suddenly had soaked shoes and socks-something that I tried to avoid. Uups! After the second crossing I decided to give it a try and hike without socks which surprisingly worked pretty well while the socks hung off the pack for drying.

Where a dirtroad crossed the trail there was Jerry, Kenny’s brother doing some trail magic. While waiting for his 69 years old brother (also a PCT hiker) he simply parked his 4wheel drive car in the shallow river, put up a tent and a two flame Coleman stove and took good care of thirsty hikers, coke, iced tea, coffee!! He even gave us hardboiled eggs and had cake. Wow! How can you ever thank these trail angels enough?

The last miles of the day almost always seem to never end especially since the feet hurt. But we have made it to the bridge, sit now in the tarp tent (there are mosquitos here), treat the river water and plan the next days.

For tomorrow we are looking forward to some hot spring that there is only 7 miles away and right on the trail. Natural spa 🙂

But otherwise we definetly need a zero day, a day without errands to be run, just for relaxing.

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