day 4 – 1 Mile after Lucky 5 Cache to Scissors Crossing, 19,8 miles

After a cold, stormy and rainy night we set off half an hour later than usual and crossed hills after hills
with small bushes. Had only had Poptarts for breakfast (won’t happen again, Poptarts I mean) and were soon
after that hungry again- it doesn’t surprise me as they are all empty calories.

We traversed more hills where the wind tried to blow us off. At a concrete water tank we met Popsicle and
since it was break-time anyway we stayed there. Ate all our tortillas (wholewheat ones) .

After that break we continue along more hills and for quite a time don’t lose height. Then we are in the
desert at last, it’s sandy and hot and the vegetation is as I had imagined it to be. For a long time we walk a
straight line. After a little longer we arrive at the cache next to the highway where we just sit and cook.

As I write this today May 9th, I can tell that we wanted to try to hitchhike back to Lake Morena for the Kick
Off. Eventually we got a ride but to the wrong crossing as we learned later on. As we waited for another ride
back to Julian a painter picked us up who originally wanted to drop us at another junction. But as it was very
foggy he missed it (he did not know the area) and ended up in takeing us all the way to Lake Morena. So we
contributed to his gasmoney and he was happy, too.

We arrived sometime before 8p.m. I think. Carsten was pretty sure to remember our campsite # so we pitched the
tarp at 62 and then went to register with the ADZ organizers. They told us we belong to 63 so we had to move
quite a bit since the numbers were not next to each other. It should pay off to have moved.

All we could do that night was to say hi to go-BIG and his parents and to take a shower. I eventually washed
my hair, too. SO NICE!

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