day 16, May 9th

2 miles after Creek Side Camp to
2 miles before dirt road 2N02 – 22.9 mils

This is something new! So far Alina was in charge of writing the english journal and Sauerkraut (that means I) had to write the german stuff. Things have changed as Alina is cutting the tipps of her hair to keep spliss at bay 🙂

So what happened today? I shaved my 5 day old beard off to look a little bit more handsome and we did a 20-miler again to make sure we don’t have to walk too long to Highway 18 tomorrow. We need to resupply in Big Bear City and want to have a decent pancake breakfast before we do shopping.
It was pleasant hiking today. First we climbed slowly on the side of a mountain with breathtaking views of San Gorgonio to our right, then we descended into a valley on our way towards Highway 18. The whole section was well graded and most of the hiking was done in the shade of huge beautiful pine trees. Along the way we ran into Giddy-Up and later on into Old Corpus. When Hikers meet they always exchange information and opinions which is really interesting.

„Did you run into other hikers?““What do you think about the upcoming miles?““Do you hitch into town or hike into it later?“

There are always questions to be discussed and even if not you can always talk about off-trail stuff with a hiker…

We are really looking forward to see Big Bear City as we enjoyed Idyllwild a lot and we hope that we will like it.

That’s all for today

Happy trails


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