day 15 – Whitewater Canyon and Creek to 2 miles after Creek Side Camp, 18,4 miles

Uphill day

After rinsing some shirts and socks aside the Whitewater Creek which has a wide river bed and after fording the first time bare footed the uphill trail began.

By the way so far we can keep stinking at bay, we also use some wet wipes which do the job.

Our trail today offered little shade but lots of water. We crossed many times the Mission Creek so we basically filled up what we needed.

The climb started at 2285 ft and now we camp at 7100 ft but the highest elevation is for tomorrow. We have enough water to reach the next place with water, so we made camp at 6 p.m. and now we are writing today’s journal obviously, checking our resupply plan and munching something inbetween. It is windy and it gets chilly pretty fast right now but the sleeping bags are great! I am so happy about mine because I tend to sleep cold but I have not been cold.

Oh, we had another snake encounter. It rattled very loudly in a bush next to the trail. I managed to jump around without an heart attack…But I missed a beat for sure.

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