day 13 – Saddle Junction to Falls Canyon and One Horse Overlook, 17 miles

Fuller Ridge- or postholing day

Last night the ascent on the Devil’s Slide was so easy and went by in no time. Probably because we were talking all the way up or because we had just had an enormous pizza. I did not have any idea what 16“ really meant. We had the rest for breakfast and some for lunch…Next time a 10“ will do.

At Saddle Junction we met Puff-Puff, Snappy and Prodeal (Ryan) coming back from an attempt to cross the snow.

So this morning we started hiking and looking at the map very closely (like every bend and switchback)and we made it.

The whole hike today was in the sign of snow if I can put it like this. Even long before Fuller Ridge there were snowfields to cross respectively the trail was to be found. It was not always obvious where to go.

While hiking up the snow two hiking poles failed, one of Carsten’s and one of mine. Both were damged in the same place between the first segments. We managed to keep them usable but we have to find another solution.

Fuller Ridge was not as exposed or as steep as I had imagined but it was so very tyring to cross it. We constantly postholed! Without poles we would have had a much harder time.

While descending the switchbacks to where we are now I first notied deer tracks and then actually saw one on the opposite side of the valley! This was another highlight.

As almost every night our feet are discussion subject number one, old blisters, new blisters, how dirty, etc. Today they look better because the shoes are soaked from the snow.

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