day 2, 25th of April

We get up at 5 a.m., it is freezing cold and still dark. We have so much condensation so that everything is dripping with moisture. Last night I had done some laundry and the clothing is frothen STIFF! Carsten takes my picture while I hold it up like a magician. Even while we breakfast outside and air our sleepingbags a thin layer of ice builds up on them…

Later on in the day we are confronted with the real burning power of the sun. Even I who I thought that I was accustomed to hot sun choose to put on the long sleeved shirt and the difference is significant! It is incredible what a big difference it makes. The arabs in the desert know well enough why they are wearing white long clothing.

So from now on the motto of the day is HEAT. Carsten opens up his umbrella and I think what the heck why carry that thing and not try it out, so here I go and I am very happy to have it! It is not windy today so that’s why it works out.

Although it is only the second day we feel good and make 20 miles again. We camp on a meadow in the forrest, and after finishing camp chores all that we want is to sleep.

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